IGNOU Study Unit Annual Workshop 3May2017Sera Jey Monastery IGNOU Study Unit's annual workshop for the year was held on 3rd May 2017 at SJ Lhundup Khangsar Hall.
Rev. Jose Nandekara - Director of the Centre for the Study of World Religions, the Chief Speaker for the

Chinese Translation course annual exam 26April2017Sera Jey Monastery's Chinese Translation Department's annual examination for the year was conducted on 26th April 2017.

Winter Coaching Class 2016 17 Closing CeremonyThe one month long annual Winter Coaching Class for the year was successfully completed and a closing ceremony was held on 19th February 2017. Participation Certificate was awarded to every participating student during this winter coaching session. All participating teachers were felicitated during the closing ceremony. A special Lunch was served for all.

Winter Coaching Class 2016 17The annual one month long Winter Coaching Class for school students was scheduled from 25th of January to 19th February 2017.
During this winter coaching session, Tibetan grammar, Introduction to Buddhism, Buddhist Dialectics, English Language and Mathematics lessons where given. Over 130 students has participated in this winter coaching session.