Annual Prize Distribution Day 2017The Annual Prize Distribution for the year 2017 was held on 2nd & 3rd June 2017 during debate sessions. The Board of Examination presided the ceremony and Khen Rinpoche (monastery’s abbot) presented the award.  Prizes were awarded to the highest merit achiever candidate of each respective classes.  

Tsi shag Ceremony 2017The Tsi-shag Ceremony for the academic year 2017 was held on 27th May 2017, presided by Khen Rinpoche (the monastery's abbot). Respective class present a recitation on one of their course topics, prologued by the abbot.  The Gekue (Dean / Disiciplinarian) announces the list of candidates selected for the Rigchung and Rigchen Debate Ceremony during the ceremony.

Geshe Lingse Graduation Ceremony May2017The Yarling, Geshe Lingse, Graduation Ceremony for the year was held 6th - 8th May 2017. Nine candidates received the Geshe Lingse title during this graduation ceremony. The highlight during this Geshe ceremony is

Geshe Tsokhram Graduation Ceremony 2017The Tsokhram Geshe Graduation Ceremony for the year 2017 scheduled from 26th - 28th March 2017. A total of nine scholars will be receiving their Tsokhram Geshe during the three day graduation ceremony.

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